The Page of Swords, Eight of Wands, and Page of Cups

Tina says, “Lily is looking for a little more guidance this morning.

THE SITUATION: New ideas to share with the world. The Page of Swords is full of analytical curiosity.

REACTION TO THE SITUATION: The Eight of Wands indicates that you’re taking quick and decisive action. All your energy is focused on this.

THE THING YOU CAN’T SEE: The Page of Cups brings delightful surprises and a sense of childlike curiosity. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself on this quick journey.”

The Moon and the Nine of Cups

Marigold picked the Moon and the Nine of Cups for you.

Tina says, “Separately, The Moon and the Nine of Cups are ‘good’ cards. But today, they seem to be sending a message. Nine cups are full, everything seems to be at your fingertips and your whims are answered. But together with The Moon, the cards seem to be cautioning you that all may not be as it seems. The full moon can illuminate, but a crescent moon obscures your view of the world. Take a closer look.”

Violet was all about the head scratches.

The Page of Swords

Happy Friday! Marigold picked the Page of Swords for you.

Tina says, “The Page of Swords is full of ideas. And wants to share them. With everyone. Will they be receptive? Do they need gentle convincing? It may be the right time for big picture thinking.”

The Hermit

Marigold picked the Hermit for you.

Tina says, “Not everyone loves alone time as much as I do… But every so often a period of deep introspection (and perhaps isolation) can help you gain perspective to discover your true path.”


The Ten of Cups

Juniper picked the Ten of Cups for you.

Tina says, “Are you having a good day? The cards say you should be. A sense of fullness, community and love fills all of your ‘cups.'”

Not sure what the chicken drama was in the background. One of the OG hens may have pushed someone out of the favoured nesting box.


The Magician

Lily picked the Magician for you.

Tina says, “There’s nothing more magical than taking advantage of everything you have at hand — emotional wisdom, intellectual clarity, internal drive and a dash of practicality — to make things happen.”

The Four of Pentacles

Happy Friday! Marigold has chosen the Four of Pentacles for you.

Tina says, “You’ve got a tight grip on your ‘coins,’ whether that relates to money, home, health or anything else in the physical realm. Coins come and go. Right now, you’ve got them. But if you hold on too tightly, you’re going to stress yourself out.”