The World

Violet picked the World for us today.

Tina says, “An editorial note and full disclosure: I pulled The World the night of the election (I also pulled the Three of Swords). Here’s my take then and now. The World reflects wholeness and completion. You can think about it as completion of a journey, like the earth’s trip around the sun. Or you can think of it as internal completion, the solidity of the earth beneath you and your place in the world. You are part of this world.”

The King of Cups, the Six of Cups, and the Five of Wands

It appears that the goats are on strike in the rain. Flash stepped in selecting three cards for us: the King of Cups, the Six of Cups, and the Five of Wands.

Tina says, “From the King of Cups to the Five of Wands, there’s a lot of psychic energy being thrown around and then out back under control. Perhaps we can use the Six of Cups as a role model this Thanksgiving. Nurture nostalgia and memories of good times with those you love when the energy feels like it’s too much.”

Warm wishes to all.