The Star, the Four of Cups, and the King of Wands

Marigold picked three cards for you today: the Star, the Four of Cups, and the King of Wands.

Tina says, “I interpreted this as a full reading. THE SITUATION: The Star is a beacon of hope and something for you to orient (or reorient) yourself after difficult times. YOUR REACTION: The guy in the Four of Cups always looks so pouty to me. He’s so bummed about the 3 empty cups that he can’t even see the 4th one being offered to him. Like The Star, he just needs to look up to see. THE THING YOU CANNOT SEE: The King of Wands has a fire burning inside. Whether you look up and see the Cup or the Star, the fire still burns.”


The Eight of Pentacles and the Five of Wands

Marigold and Flash picked the Eight of Pentacles and Five of Wands for you today.

Tina says, “Yesterday was the Seven and today is the Eight of Pentacles. You have a skill that you’ve been building for some time. Not anyone can do what you can, it’s taken years to hone your craft. The Five of Wands is always a hard card for me to read. It’s more about small frustrations than actual problems. And more about irritation than true anger.”

The Six of Cups

Marigold picked the Six of Cups for you.

Tina says, “The Cups suit is a roller coaster of feelings. The Six of Cups offers a moment to pause and remember good times and people you love. You can’t stay there forever, but enjoy the sweet memories.”